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Recruitment Gibraltar - Recruitment Gibraltar





The main industries which contribute to the economy of Gibraltar are shipping, offshore banking and finance, tourism, telecommunications and gaming.


Unemployment tends to be low here (around 3%) with a labour force running at around 15,000 people (which includes non Gibraltarians). There has been a major change from a public to private sector economy here over the past few years, but the level of employment is still affected by changes in government expenditure.


Major cut backs on the British naval dockyard and military presence over the past twenty years have reduced this share of the local economy, and now with more than five million visitors to Gibraltar every year the cruise liners, shipping and tourism are the mainstays. With the increasing number of wealthy expatriates who are choosing this area as their home, the hotel and conference sector offers good employment opportunities both within the industry and on building construction.


The financial services sector has been growing rapidly, along with the technology and gaming industries with a large number of companies taking full advantage of the low tax regulations and excellent telecommunications facilities.