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Everyone who is either working or self-employed in Gibraltar must contribute to the social security system. This includes non-residents. The only exemptions are if the local authority agrees that the person is paying contributions to their home country scheme which offers benefits which are equivalent to those offered by Gibraltar. If you are from an EU country this is a pretty straight forward process.


Insurance contributions are payable at a standard rate for each week of employment. This amounts to 58.13 pounds (25.16 pounds paid by the insured person and 32.97 pounds paid by the employer). Self-employed individuals pay 30.17 pounds (per week. There are other reduced rates relating to pensioners, voluntary contributors and juveniles.

Unemployed workers are granted credits against their social security contributions. They have to satisfy certain conditions to claim unemployment benefit and supplementary benefit in cases of hardship.


Unemployment benefit is paid on a weekly basis to any contributor of social security who is unemployed but deemed capable and available for work. The standard weekly rate is 62.70 pounds with an increase of 30.80 pounds a week for any one adult dependant and 14.30 pounds a week for each child. The weekly rate payable to young persons who over 15 but under 18 without dependants is 30.80 pounds. This benefit is not payable to men over 65 and women over 60.


The contributions you need to pay to receive entitlement are as follows:
(a) During the fifty-two weeks immediately preceding the claim not less than thirty contributions had been paid; or
(b) The yearly average of contributions paid or credited to that person is not less than thirty