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Social and work services provided here include family support where difficulties are being experienced which may be short term or require longer involvement by a social worker.

Social Services Agency is responsible for coordinating a system which protects children at risk by working with a number of different agencies on the Rock. Work is undertaken with the courts to compile reports where cases involving children and custody are involved. Young offenders subject to Probation Orders and individuals released from prison on parole are also the responsibility of social workers.

There are a number of different day care services available which are managed by the Social Services Agency:
St Bernadette's Centre caters for 35 people with learning disabilities who require day care and supervision.
There are seven day centres for the elderly which accommodate about 15 people in each unit and which are run by volunteers and open mornings or afternoons throughout the week.


There are three contributory schemes of Social Insurance:

  • The Employment Injuries Insurance Scheme: only applies to employed persons. Regular weekly contributions provide cash benefits for those who are unable to work or are disabled because of an accident at work or certain industrial diseases, and for widows, widowers and certain other dependants of industrial casualties.
  • The Social Security Short-Term Benefits Scheme: provides, in return for regular weekly contributions, maternity grants, death grants, maternity allowance and unemployment benefit. Self-employed persons are not eligible to maternity allowance or unemployment benefit.
  • The Social Security Open Long-Term Benefits Scheme: provides, in return for regular weekly contributions, cash benefits on widowhood or on reaching retirement. There are also benefits for guardians of orphans. A married man’s contributions provide not only for his personal benefits but also for certain benefits for his wife and family.