Population of Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a population of 29,354 people and an overall density of 4,892 persons per square kilometre. Many people commute from Spain to the Rock every day to work. This might sound like a very high density but the peninsula itself only provides a total area of 6.5 sq kilometres. The majority of citizens are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Maltese.
English is the official language even though most citizens grow up bi-lingual with Spanish as their second language as this is taught in school from the fourth grade. People who grew up in Gibraltar also use a mixture of English and Spanish which is called: Llanito.
Despite its size, Gibraltar is a multi-religious community composing of 78% Roman Catholics, 10% Anglicans and 4 % Muslims. Jews and Hindus are also represented.
The average life expectation for men in Gibraltar is 76.28 years and for women 82.18 years. In 2014 the population growth rate was 0.24 % with a death rate of 8.33 % per 1000 people and a birth rate of 14.15 per 1000 people.
The growing demand for space is being increasingly met by land reclamation; reclaimed land currently comprises approximately one tenth of the territory's total area. 

One of the main features of Gibraltars population is the diversity of their ethnic origins. The demographics of Gibraltar reflects Gibraltarians' racial and cultural fusion of the many European and other economic migrants who came to the Rock over three hundred years, after almost all of the Spanish population left in 1704.

The main ethnic groups, according to the origin of names in the electoral roll, are               Britons (27%), Spanish (26%, mostly Andalusians but also some 2% of Minorcans), Genoese and other Italians (19%), Portuguese (11%), Maltese (8%), and Jews (3%). There is a large diversity of other groups such as Moroccans, Indians, French, Austrians, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Danish.

The Gibraltar Census 2001 recorded the breakdown of nationalities in Gibraltar as being 83.22% Gibraltarian, 9.56% "Other British", 3.50% Moroccan, 1.19% Spanish and 1.00% "Other EU".