Language of Gibraltar

English is Gibraltar's official language. Citizens who grew up on the rock also speak Spanish as their second language. Beside English and Spanish which are spoken by the majority of people, there are also some residents who speak Arabic.


Gibraltarians have their own dialect, Llanito, which is widely spoken and a mixture between Andalusian Spanish and English. Moroccan, Tunisian Arabic, Genoese Italian, Ladino, Hebrew and Maltese influences make this dialect unique. Over 500 words descend from Geonese and Hebrew. Gibraltarians sometimes even call themselves "Llanitos" or "Llanis".
For those who speak both, Spanish and English, Llanito sounds as if languages are being switched in the middle of the sentence.
Refined distinctions within the language are also common, especially between the younger and the older generation. "Un boby" and "la palma" are both words to say "police-man". Here are some other examples of the Llanito dialect:
Llanito: Hay un call pa ti.
Spanish: Hay una llamada para ti.
English: There's a call for you.
Llanito: I'm telling you que no puede
Spanish: Te digo que no puedes
English : I'm telling you, you can't
The official Gibraltar Language is English. But there are many more Gibraltar Language that many of the people speak in the region. Many of the people of Gibraltar are bi- lingual and so they can speak both English and Spanish with the same fluency.

English language in Gibraltar is used in many places such as schools, government, and media. Other languages in Gibraltar that are spoken are Spanish, Arabic and also the major vernacular language of Llanito.

The vernacular language of Gibraltar Llanito is a creole language based on Andalusina and Spanish. It makes use of recurrent modification between the two languages in a single conversation or simply code-switching between Spanish and English.

Before the Britishers took over Gibraltar the language of Spanish was widely spoken at Gibraltar. But later on there were less number of people who used to speak Spanish. According to the estimates taken in the year 2001, the number of people belonging to the Spanish nationality at Gibraltar was 326.

There are some people at Gibraltar who speak the Arabic language. At Gibraltar Arabic is spoken by the minority of people belonging to North Africa and Morocco. There are currently 1,400 Moroccans in Gibraltar.