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As an overseas territory of the UK, the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented by the Governor of Gibraltar. The UK retains responsibility for defence, foreign relations, internal security and financial stability. The Governor is not involved in the day-to-day administration of Gibraltar, and his role is largely as a ceremonial head of state. The Governor officially appoints the Chief Minister and government ministers after an election. He is responsible for matters of defence, security and the Royal Gibraltar Police.

The Government of Gibraltar is elected for a term of four years. The unicameral House of Assembly consists of fifteen elected members, eight Government members, seven opposition members and two ex-officio members appointed by the Governor, the Financial Development Secretary and the Attorney-General. The speaker is nominated by the Government.



Gibraltar is the only overseas territory of British. The Government of Spain continues its territorial claim on Gibraltar. Gibraltar Politics and Government has taken great initiative over the years to serve the residents of the Gibraltar. The scenario of Gibraltar Government and politics have undergone a sea change to the meet the demands of the time. Gibraltar though overseas territory of the British, has internal self government which came into effect with 2006 Constitution.

The Government of Gibraltar falls under the frame work of the parliamentary representative democratic. Multiparty system prevails in Gibraltar. The Chief Minister is the head of the government. The head of the state of UK is Queen Elizabeth II. The UK has the responsibility of the country on defense, foreign relations, internal security and financial stability. The Governor of the Gibraltar represents the Queen Elizabeth II. The Governor appoints the largest party in the unicameral parliament as the Chief Minister of the country. The government is chosen for a period of four years.

The Current Chief Minister of Gibraltar in 2015, is Fabian Picardo of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (GSLP), who has been in office since 9 December 2011 in alliance with the Gibraltar Liberal Party (Liberals) following a general election. The Leader of the Opposition is Daniel Feetham of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD).

The parliament of Gibraltar consists of fifteen elected members and the speaker. The electoral system used here is Partial bloc voting. Politics in Gibraltar is a fair game.