The rules governing who can, and can not, work in Gibraltar have changed over the years with the allocation of a number of other EU states that are now included.
As a rule if you have a passport from an EU / EEA country then you can work in Gibraltar with no problems.
Nationals from non EU member states need to apply for a work permit for Gibraltar, or work visa for Gibraltar, by application through the Employment Training Board (ETB). They can only make the application for the work visa once a company has agreed to employ them, not before. It is at the discretion of the ETB as to whether they grant you visa and the criteria for the decision normally relates to whether the employing company could find someone else from an EU country, to do the job. If they feel that the company should be able to, or needs to try harder to find an EU National for the role, they will reject the Gibraltar work visa application. For this reason a large proportion of the companies do not take the chance of trying to employ a non EU National unless it is for a specific and specialised role.
Your nationality is determined soley by your passport and not any residency card you may possess.



The local authorities can sometimes have a lenient attitude to some nationals, due to their need within the local online gaming companies and so obtaining a work visa for Gibraltar can prove easier if applying for work in one of these types of company.
Various conditions will need to be met by the employer before approval may be granted for the issue of a work permit. A work permit is only issued for a period of 12 months and then it will need to be renewed.
The employment of a worker for whom a work permit is required without the employer having first obtained such a permit is an offence and a fixed penalty notice of 1500 pounds may be issued to the employer.
Surprisingly, marriage to a Gibraltarian does not automatically grant the right to a residence permit for Gibraltar. Under current law, a non-Gibraltarian man married to a woman from Gibraltar receives a residence permit as part of the package. Non-Gibraltarian women marrying local men will have to apply for a permit. But this is in theory but in practice, a wife receives permission to remain on The Rock as long as her husband is living there.