FINDING A JOB IN GIBRALTAR - using a recruitment agency in Gibraltar

The first decision you face when looking for a job in Gibraltar is whether to relocate without having found a job. You will find it much easier to get a job if you can be personally interviewed but often a phone interview may precede the company flying you down for a face to face interview. If you are locally based then this signals your intention as a serious potential employee for companies and also the recruitment agencies in Gibraltar will take you more seriously. The fact remains that many people dream of making the move to work in a foreign country whilst sat at home on a cold wintery day but the realty of the total numbers who make it a reality, is low.
One option to help gaining a job is to take some holiday and look for a job as this will give you chance to review the area and potentially look at places to live. Most candidates find it much easier find a job if they are based here on a long term basis. This is where using one of the long established recruitment agencies in Gibraltar can help as they can introduce you to companies prior to your arrival or help to organise phone interviews prior to your flights.

What you will find about the recruitment agencies the world over and the recruitment agencies in Gibraltar is that they
hear about vacancies prior to them being released elsewhere. They can help you to gain access directly to the hiring
managers and help to co ordinate your relocation should it be included in the salary package.

Situations vacant advertised in the newspapers or on the internet are viewed in the same system as in the UK There are also several reputable employment agencies now based in Gibraltar. The main difference you will find here is that using a recruitment agency can changeeverything as usually the best jobs are sometimes not advertised.

One of the leading recruitment agencies in Gibraltar is, who have a wide range of job vacancies listed online.

A high proportion of vacancies are buried in the hidden job market, when positions become vacant and are filled from within a company with employees either putting themselves forward or recommending someone. These jobs are never advertised on the open market. To tap into this market you can either establish the contacts yourself or go to a professional recruitment agency and let them do this for you. The only way to do this is to make sure every contact you have including friends, local shopkeepers, your landlord and neighbours know that you are seeking employment. Even the most casual acquaintance can give you a potential job lead.

There is a job centre in Gibraltar called the ETB (Employment Training Board) but they focus on jobs for gibraltar residents, so if you live in Spain or still in the UK / Europe you can not use the job centre service. The job centre in Gibraltar is similar to that in the UK with advisers and job boards with all vacant jobs listed that you can apply for.

Companies are notoriously bad at responding to unsolicited letters so if you send your CV out to selected employers, so network as best you can with existing contacts. Persistence spells drive and determination to most employers, but be careful not to cross the line and become a pest.