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Recruitment Gibraltar - Recruitment Gibraltar


1.   Is Gibraltar part of Spain ?

No;  Despite being on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula  at the  entrance of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar has been British since 1704. The  Spanish ceded the territory to the British in perpetuity under the treaty of Utrecht (1713).

There is no possibility of any change of sovereignty in the foreseeable future.(see item 13 below)

Gibraltar has the status of a 'UK Overseas Territory'


2.  Is Gibraltar part of the EU ?

Yes; It joined in 1973 under Article 227(4) of the Treaty of Rome.  Relevant EU directives are speedily  translated  into local law.

Due  to  the  UK Government not having  made  the  necessary provisions,  however, residents of Gibraltar are  unable  to vote in elections for the EU parliament and are pressing for this right.

It  is not part of the Agricultural policy (no  agriculture) or  the Customs Union which allows local Government  to  set import duties and be exempt from the EU VAT scheme.


3. Does Gibraltar have a written constitution ?

Yes  under  the  Gibraltar  Constitution  Order  1969,   The preamble of which includes the much (miss) quoted phrase :

"Her majesty's Government will never enter into arrangements under  which  the people of Gibraltar would pass  under  the sovereignty  of  another  state  against  their  freely  and democratically expressed wishes"

This is also a feature of the new 2006 constitution.


4. What is the legal system in Gibraltar ?

Gibraltar law is based on English law.

The  Judicature  including the Supreme Court  and  Court  of Appeal   are  defined  by  the  Gibraltar  Constitution   EU directives are transposed into Gibraltar law. The Judicial Committee of the UK Privy Council is the court of  final appeal.


5.  Does Gibraltar use Post codes or ZIP codes ?

Gibraltar has a single post code, which is used for all addresses – GX11 1AA.  


6.  Is there a Gibraltar airport?

Gibraltar has an International airport with flights to London Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Manchester.


7.  What is the currency in Gibraltar?

The Pound sterling; with notes issued by the Government of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar also issues its own coins which are the same size and value as the UK but differs in design, a range of stamps and unique telephone cards.

The EURO is accepted in a wide range of shops and businesses but not the Post Office or Government offices. It should be noted that it is not legal tender and there is this no actual obligation to accept it or any other foreign currency. 

Exchange rates may vary. Large denomination Euro notes are not accepted by local banks for security reasons.


8. Why doesn't Gibraltar drive on the left side of the road ?

Originally  it  began  the same as the  UK,  but  when  cars started  coming   in from Spain, there  were  understandably disputes and accidents. The Governor at the time decided it would be sensible to follow the continental practice.  His foresight has saved many lives.


9. Can I take the driving test in Gibraltar?

Only if you are a resident.


10.  Can I get a job in Gibraltar?

Citizens of EU countries can seek employment and reside in Gibraltar.  Civilians living locally must hold an Identity card issued by the immigration department.

Non-Gibraltarians must hold a residence permit.  This is normally issued for a period of five years on application.

Non EU citizens are only likely to be permitted to live and work in Gibraltar if they already have a job offer and their employer satisfies Government that their skills are unique. There are strict laws and procedures to control employment


11. Can I get married in Gibraltar?

You can get married in Gibraltar but you must contact the registry office at least 21 days in advance, providing the relevant documentation.


Civil Partnership was introduced for same sex couple in April 2014.


For further details for marriage and civil partnership, please visit the Government website: or contact them directly on:


The Registry of Marriages & Civil Partnerships
Civil Status & Registration Office
Joshua Hassan House
Secretary’s Lane

Tels: + (350) 200 72289
+(350) 200 51725 (switchboard)




12. Can I find somewhere to live in Gibraltar?

Traditionally finding somewhere to live has been the number one problem in Gibraltar.  During WW2 the population was evacuated and there was a delay in repatriation due to lack of suitable accommodation, much having been taken over by the military.


Several housing estates were built, however this remained the largest local political issue, until the reclamation project when the new private estates built and the Government estate coupled with the release of MoD property no longer used, has largely solved the problem for local residents.


Renting housing remains a problem as the private sector is expensive and there is more demand than supply.


13. What about living in Spain?

Many non-Gibraltarians working in Gibraltar live in Spain which has the advantage of size and space. 

The problems are the frontier, where the delay to cross by car can be considerable, although many park their cars in La Linea and cross on foot.

Living in Spain is easier for EU nationals now that Spain is a full member, but the issues are beyond the scope of this FAQ.


14. Why is there no VAT/IVA?

As Gibraltar is not part of the Customs Union, import duty is applied to all goods locally which replace the need for this tax at the point of sale.


15. Why are there so many internet casinos and gambling sites in Gibraltar?

This was identified as a growth market and Government offered a good infrastructure and tax climate to encourage operation of Internet gambling sites.


16. How are they regulated?

All gaming operations in Gibraltar require licensing under the Gaming Ordinance.  Gaming licences, including for telephone and internet betting, are issued by the Office of the Financial and Development Secretary on behalf of the Government.


17. What is the weather like in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year and temperatures can reach 30C in the summer and 18C in the winter. Due to its location it boasts a year round subtropical climate where the strong sun can be mitigated by the ocean breeze to create this much sought after Mediterranean environment.



18. What sort of ID do I need to enter Gibraltar?

European Economic Area nationals may enter and leave Gibraltar on production of a valid Passport or National Identity Card. As Gibraltar is outside the Schengen area, nationals of non-EEA countries must produce a valid visa so as to enter and ensure it allows them to return to Spain.


19. Can I get a job in Gibraltar?

Any EU national may seek employment in Gibraltar. Non-EU nationals will most likely be given permission to live and work in Gibraltar if they already hold a job offer which the government considers entails a unique skill.


20. What is the Dialling Code for Gibraltar?

Gibraltar's dialling code is +350. When in Gibraltar, you must use the international dialling code of 00 to dial out.


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