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Recruitment Gibraltar - Recruitment Gibraltar


Quite often the first contact you have with a prospective employer is by you sending them your curriculum vitae. To achieve maximum impact and create a good impression it is important that your details are clear and well presented.

The first page should be eye catching and clearly laid out with your personal contact details and a few words under Career Objectives and Summary which will convince the employer that you have the right skills for the job. You should provide the following basic information:

- Your name
- Address
- Telephone/fax numbers
- Mobile number
- Email address
- Career Objectives - this should be a short version of your career plans and aspirations
- Summary - a paragraph (maximum two) detailing your experience, skills and strengths relevant to the job

Page two should contain your employment and education history:

1. Education and training: date carried out, type of education/training completed, where (institution), qualification/experience gained

2. Work History (starting with most recent job)
(i) date employed (from and to)
(ii) name of organisation
(iii) type of business
(iv) position held
(v) brief description of duties and responsibilities

3. Skills
Technical abilities, eg: IT packages you have experience of, any languages spoken, etc.

4. Professional Affiliations
List of organisations, professional or academic societies that you are involved with on a professional basis.

5. Referees
Names of at least two referees (people you have worked with) giving details of their name, position, company where employed, relationship to you, contact telephone number and address.