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Job Market in Gibraltar Update for April 2016


We’ve all experienced it at some point in our prolonged office hours. We’ve all given into the glossy temptation called "just a few scrolls on Instagram". And surely, we’ve all fallen under the wicked spells of the blue devil called Facebook, while deadlines were consciously ignored or postponed. There is something sweet and undeniably guilty, well hidden in the mindfully avoidance of doing something that needs to be accomplished. Procrastination, as in the practice of doing more pleasurable things instead of actually carrying out those (…insert adjective of choice) work related tasks, is quite a common practice in both our personal and professional lives.

Acting, rather than merely talking or dreaming about acting, requires motivation. As well as achieving, thus maintaining a successful career. So this month’s advice for you wears a sporty outfit and embraces an active point of view. Since you’re reading these lines, clearly you are interested in finding a job in Gibraltar. Whether you’ve just started searching or you already have sketched a consistent relocation plan, know this: summer is (nearly) here, and Gibraltar is the place to be when heat strikes the Rock.

In April, our new job offers in Gibraltar have tended to be focused on creative positions and IT related ones: web designers, junior graphic designers, Java developers, front end developers or marketing specialists are wanted to join enthusiastic teams at Gibraltar’s leading online gaming companies. So stop procrastinating at home, leave your old routine behind and close the “home office” chapter. Trade it for a different one, more dynamic, that pictures a colorful work environment, populated with busy little human beings, interact constantly, change ideas, generate loads positive energy.

In between sending CVs, going to interviews and landing your dream job in Gib, don’t forget that a little party never killed anybody. Go out in the city, have some fun, attend some concerts (Gibraltar International Song Festival is scheduled to start on the 23rd of April), develop a new hobby (Gibraltar Horticultural Society might help you on that matter, so don’t miss the Flower Show on April 7th and 21st April) or just take a break and enjoy a bank holiday (The International Workers Memorial Day takes place on the 28th of April).

And try working out both a good, productive work and workout routine J



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News for the Job Market in Gibraltar for 2016

Gibraltar has seen excellent stability in the employment market over the past few years, bucking the trend across much of Europe. The number of jobs in Gibraltar in 2016 is set to continue to be both varied and reasonable in numbers. The online gaming marketplace has continued to be a great source for jobs here in Gibraltar and the newly adjusted regulation within the funds industry could also lead to new opportunities in that arena.

The types of jobs available here in Gibraltar vary but are ultimately tied to the industry sectors here which are confined, by nature of Gibraltar’s size, to online gaming / online gambling, insurance, legal, banking and tourism. Many of the companies that operate from Gibraltar are international companies and thus offer excellent promotional prospects, so you need not sacrifice your career for a life in the sun!